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The Shipping News When Quoyle S Two Timing Wife Meets Her Just Deserts, He Retreats With His Two Daughters To His Ancestral Home On The Starkly Beautiful Newfoundland Coast, Where A Rich Cast Of Local Characters And Family Members All Play A Part In Quoyle S Struggle To Reclaim His Life As Quoyle Confronts His Private Demons And The Unpredictable Forces Of Nature And Society He Begins To See The Possibility Of Love Without Pain Or Misery A Vigorous, Darkly Comic, And At Times Magical Portrait Of The Contemporary North American Family, The Shipping News Shows Why Annie Proulx Is Recognized As One Of The Most Gifted And Original Writers In America Today

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    This book snuck up on me Tricky tricky It started out interesting enough Proulx s writing style is mesmerizing, almost hypnotic I found the book initially to be a relaxing solace on my commute home after a busy day of work, soley because of its use of language and setting But I h

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    The Shipping News is E Annie Proulx s second novel, published back in 1993 The book won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award She has a unique voice and her command of language is impressive The strength of this book is her prose and strong sense of place She writes in short

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    During the years that I was the manager of a business, I had the wonderful good fortune to have on staff many people originally from Newfoundland One aspect that I found fascinating is the similarities between that relatively small rock and my holiday in southwest England many years ago

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    Like with almost every other Pulitzer darling, we accompany the protagonist for the entire ride, this one is exceptionally literary in that brave, EveryMan type way This the prototype for the ever ambitious, ever elusive Great semi American Novel in which the elements of clever prose, revamp

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    So far this is a great read, this book is a little gem Had to get used to the language and the different way of storytelling, but this story, I love it so far Finished it today and what a great book to start 2010 with I loved it Loved the story, the characters, the description of the surrounding

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    My initial review of this book was simply Bullllshiiit , but, um, perhapsexplanation is deserved After a handful of people whose taste I respect raved about this book, I was looking forward to it, and got to page 180 or so before finally admitting This feels like a chore and giving it away and I rar

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    The Shipping News is a wonderful read We are introduced to Quoyle and follow him from his life and failed marriage in Mockingburg , New York through to his move and settling into Newfoundland with his two daughters, Bunny and Sunshine There is a nearly Dostoyevski level of tragedy underpinning the story

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    A love story of a single father, a newspaper reporter, who returns to Newfoundland to live in an ancestral home and meets a local woman Everyone in the present is haunted in some way by the victims in the past claimed by nature, usually by the sea The plot revolves around ordinary characters ordinary, quirk

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    You know you re in trouble when you pan a Pulitzer prize winner, but pan I must This book bored me to tears Perpetual motion and its status as currently reading on Goodreads together got me through it I didn t care what happened to whom or how it would end, I just wanted it over Amazing the things that passed f

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    This is my first Proulx, so I didn t know if the unusual writing style is typical, or specially chosen for this particular story I hope it s the latter, as it works very well Update I ve now read the collection, Close Range Brokeback Mountain and Other stories, which I reviewed HERE Those stories use similar langua

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About the Author: Annie Proulx

Also published as E Annie ProulxEdna Annie Proulx is an American journalist and author Her second novel, The Shipping News 1993 , won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award for fiction in 1994 Her short story Brokeback Mountain was adapted as an Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe Award winning major motion picture released in 2005 Brokeback Mountain received massive critical acclaim and went on to be nominated for a leading eight Academy Awards, winning three of them However, the movie did not win Best Picture, a situation with which Proulx made public her disappointment She won the PEN Faulkner Award for Fiction for her first novel, Postcards She has written most of her stories and books simply as Annie Proulx, but has also used the names E Annie Proulx and E.A Proulx.