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Crime and Punishment Raskolnikov, An Impoverished Student Living In The St Petersburg Of The Tsars, Is Determined To Overreach His Humanity And Assert His Untrammeled Individual Will When He Commits An Act Of Murder And Theft, He Sets Into Motion A Story That, For Its Excruciating Suspense, Its Atmospheric Vividness, And Its Depth Of Characterization And Vision Is Almost Unequaled In The Literatures Of The World The Best Known Of Dostoevsky S Masterpieces, Crime And Punishment Can Bear Any Amount Of Rereading Without Losing A Drop Of Its Power Over Our Imaginations.Dostoevsky S Drama Of Sin, Guilt, And Redemption Transforms The Sordid Story Of An Old Woman S Murder Into The Nineteenth Century S Profoundest And Most Compelling Philosophical Novel.Award Winning Translators Richard Pevear And Larissa Volokhonsky Render This Elusive And Wildly Innovative Novel With An Energy, Suppleness, And Range Of Voice That Do Full Justice To The Genius Of Its Creator.

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    There was a time in my life when I couldn t get enough of reading Dostoevsky Maybe because his books made me think so deeply about being human and how we choose to live our lives I began with Crime and Punishment, probably the work he is best known for What I remember is being fascinated by Dostoevsky s brilliant understanding of human na...

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    6.0 Stars One of my All Time Favorite novels In addition to being one of the first works of Classic Literature that I suggest when asked for recommendations from others, this story holds a special place in my heart as it was the story, along with Moby Dick, that began my love of the classics for which I will always be grateful So often we are forced to read the great works of literature for school

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    To go wrong in one s own way is better then to go right in someone else s. I have been giving a lot of thought to this novel lately Despite the three years that have gone by since reading Crime and Punishment three years in which I ve read some outstanding literature, joined Goodreads and written just over 100 reviews of the books I ve journeyed through Dostoevsky s novel still resides on it s thr

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    I ve come to the conclusion that Russian door stoppers might just be where it s at It here meaning general awesomeness that combines the elements of history, philosophy and high readability to make books that are both thought provoking and enjoyable Granted, I have only read three of the Russian big uns War and Peace, Anna Karenina, and now Crime and Punishment, but I intend to rectify this shortly

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    The problem with being a high school student with average intelligence is that you can get fairly good grades with fairly minimal effort It is an invitation to cut corners and utilize only one half your ass This happened to me in English class I d sit back, take good notes, and bluff my way through various tests this was back in the day before Google, when my family only had an AOL dial up connection

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    Oh, Fyodor.Who else could keep me up and awake night after night, even though I promise myself every morning to go to bed at a decent hour Who else can create such authentic human emotions that I feel I m experiencing all of them myself Who else would make me subject my ki...

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    What can I add to 7000 reviews at the time I write I think this book is fascinating because of all the topic it covers Like the OJ trial, it is about many important interconnected things and those things remain important today, even though this book was originally published in 1865.Sure, it has a lot about crime and punishment But also insanity and temporary insanity, the latter a legal plea that could

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    Crime What crime My killing a loathsome, harmful louse, a filthy old moneylender woman who brought no good to anyone, to murder whom would pardon forty sins, who sucked the lifeblood of the poor, and you call that a crime Just a few scattered toughts, for I do not know how to begin After revisiting Crime and Punishment I am utterly troubled What to do What to say In my opinion, to write a review of one

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    Here s another review as I go I suppose I just can t let go of Dostoyevsky s squalid, bleak, complicated, and spiritually vexing world, so despite having just finished The Brothers Karamazov, I find myself plunging headlong into Crime and Punishment, a book I last read 20 years ago.I m reading the new Oliver Ready translation, and it s wonderful so far.I can well imagine how shocking this book must have

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    What a sensational reading experience, what an unconditional surrender to an atmosphere of fear, anxiety and confusion and to an epic battle of wills Rarely these days do I read with that kind of hopeless, helpless feeling of being completely, utterly lost in the imaginary world From the first moment, when Raskolnikov steps out on the street and begins wandering around in Petersburg, to the very last page

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