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Months After His Mysterious Disappearance From A Routine Fishing Trip, No One Really Expects Over The Hill Texas Housewife Lory Latchley To Find Her Missing Husband Especially Her Husband The Manufactured Identity Is Clinical Psychologist Heath Sommer S Ever Escalating Immersion Into The World Of Unlikely Friends Who Each Awaken To Find Their Faithful Companions Missing Without Warning Or Reason Desperate To Find Meaning In Their Pain, They Are Thrust By The Auspices Of Fate Into A Common Thread Of Mystery And Human Frailty In The End, The Fate Of All May Reside In The Unstable Hands Of Rookie Pastor John Joe, But Ultimately Lory And Her Newfound Partners Will Uncover A Truth So Unnerving It Makes Even Infidelity Look Palatable The Manufactured Identity

About the Author: Heath Sommer

Dr Heath Sommer is the author of The Manufactured Identity psychological suspense series and runs a developmental disability and mental health clinic in southern Idaho.

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    I have just reread this series for the third time I am still troubled, to be honest by the whole concept, but like a car accident that secretly captivates me, I find myself thinking again and again about the themes in the book Sommer first published manufactured identity in 2009, and I first heard of this book from a friend who had him in Child development last year at ISU Then, another friend of

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    I ve thought about what single word best describes this book in the weeks since I read it I can t get away from diabolical That s not criticism It s pure admiration and envy I read Dennis Lehane s brilliant Shutter Island not long after this book, and if you ve read it, you ll remember how completely boondoggled you felt at the end of it Expect the same result with Dr Sommer s debut.The other reviewe

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    I love it when a book is a little complicated and this is what the manufactured identity gives in spades It starts out with you thinking that the author maybe is just going to give too many charcters and just when you are frustrated and about to give up on the novel, you realize that it is done on purpose and is what makes this novel really cool and a must read By then you ride the plot throgh the end a

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    Such a good book Can t wait to start the next one Excellent surprise ending If you like psychological thrillers, this is a great one it keeps you wondering and intrigued throughout I highly recommend this book and I m hoping this author continues with his books Thanks to Good Reads, I discovered him and I m trying to spread the word

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    This book pulled me in instantly With the end of every chapter I had to know what happens next which made me keep reading for hours on end Sometimes this book feels like it is not going to resovle itself but let me assure you it does and in the most jaw dropping amazing way I can t wait for the next book in the series because I have fallen in love with the characters I have found myself all wrapped up in thei

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    I read all of the reviews on this one and really didn t know what to expect For the first half of the book i was leaning toward the critical reviews, but after awhile Leaned toward the favorable reviews The problem up front is that there are so many characters, and the writing is sometimes so technical, that it is almost impossible to keep up with the ambience and characterizations.But with time and after readin

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    This is the worst book I have ever read My book club chose this book based on the multiple 4 star reviews on Goodreads,and Barnes Noble along with its inclusion in multiple book club lists We spent our entire book club session making fun of the book, cackling while we read our favorite worst passage aloud I m baffled that this book was published let alone a whole trilogy and I m convinced that the author s friends

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    I realy felt and related to the addy character in this book, as well as Lory Latchely I felt these were great charaterizations of strong women who also aren t totally BS

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    One word can pretty much summarize this novel and it has to be amazing I ll start my review off by explaining how awesome and creative the cover is Okie so the cover is solid black with gray and in the background you can see silhouettes of different people Some of those people are wearing hats, others are wearing business suits, and it just fits the whole premise of the book The title completely stands out with the whole

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    Imagine waking up in an estranged park with nothing but the clothes on your back and a wad of cash in your shoe You have no clues to your past and nothing to point you in the direction of your future A young man in the soon to be published book The Manufactured Identity must learn to deal with his new identity.Dr Sommer s new book is a front row seat to excellence Sommer delves into the twisted minds of his characters and r

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