An American Covenant: A Story of Women, Mysticism, and the

An American Covenant: A Story of Women, Mysticism, and the Making of Modern America A history of mystic resistance and liberation and of five women who transcended the expected to transform AmericaFor centuries, women who emerge as mystic leaders have played vital roles in American culture For just as long, they’ve been subjugated and ridiculed Today, women and others across the nation are once again turning to their mystic powers to HexThePatriarchy and help fight the forces that seem bent on relegating them to secondclass citizenryAmid this tumult, Lucile Scott looks to the past and the stories of five women over three centuries to form an ancestral spiritual coven: Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans; Cora L V Scott, nineteenthcentury Spiritualist superstar; Helena Blavatsky, mother of Theosophy; Zsuzsanna Budapest, feminist witch and founder of Dianic Wicca; and Marianne Williamson, presidential candidate and preacher of the New Age Gospel of Love Each, in their own ways, defied masculine preconceptions about powerA scathing queer feminist history and a personal quest for transcendence, An American Covenant opens our eyes to the paths forged by women who inspired the nation in their own times—and who will no longer be forgotten or silenced in ours

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    What a delight this thoroughly researched and emotionally honest book of feminist history is! I was completely engaged by the author's personable writing style and easy way of distilling immense knowledge without feeling pedantic or slowing the pace at all. I would gladly read any other topic Lucille Scott decides to do a deep dive on; even as someone who has read about several of the figur

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    Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

    This book is written like a documentary. I wasn’t use to this kind of book/writing so at first it was slow for me. After getting use to it, it went a lot smoother and I really enjoyed it. She was very thorough in her research. I found this book very interesting and learned things that were never taught in the h

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