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Luster Sharp, Comic, Disruptive, Tender, Raven Leilani S Debut Novel, Luster, Sees A Young Black Woman Fall Into Art And Someone Else S Open MarriageEdie Is Stumbling Her Way Through Her Twenties Sharing A Subpar Apartment In Bushwick, Clocking In And Out Of Her Admin Job, Making A Series Of Inappropriate Sexual Choices She S Also, Secretly, Haltingly Figuring Her Way Into Life As An Artist And Then She Meets Eric, A Digital Archivist With A Family In New Jersey, Including An Autopsist Wife Who Has Agreed To An Open Marriage With Rules As If Navigating The Constantly Shifting Landscapes Of Contemporary Sexual Manners And Racial Politics Weren T Hard Enough, Edie Finds Herself Unemployed And Falling Into Eric S Family Life, His Home She Becomes Hesitant Friend To His Wife And A De Facto Role Model To His Adopted Daughter Edie Is The Only Black Woman Young Akila May KnowRazor Sharp, Darkly Comic, Sexually Charged, Socially Disruptive, Luster Is A Portrait Of A Young Woman Trying To Make Her Sense Of Her Life In A Tumultuous Era It Is Also A Haunting, Aching Description Of How Hard It Is To Believe In Your Own Talent And The Unexpected Influences That Bring Us Into Ourselves Along The Way

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    Raven Leilani s debut novel is a spectacular examination of loneliness and the wish to belong 23 year old Edie is adrift After making some inappropriate sexual choices, she loses her admin job in the publishing industry and finds herself with nowhere to go until the wife of her married lover takes her in Edie now witnesses their

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    A way is always made to document how we manage to survive, or in some cases, how we don t So I ve tried to reproduce an inscrutable thing I ve made my own hunger into a practice, made everyone who passes through my life subject to a close and inappropriate reading that occasionally finds its way, often insufficiently, into paint And when

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    I saw that this was available via NetGalley, and immediately I became intrigued by the premise, which I suspected was about than the physical Meike s excellent review confirmed my suspicions It did than that, though It blew them away and replaced them with something vastly larger, and unexpected.

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    Raven Leilani has created a beautifully brilliant debut novel that will shatter our literary landscape for generations to come This novel is comprised of everything socially relevant today an audacious, astute and playful narrator who navigates her life with vigor and lust an older, married white couple with an adopted black daughter Comic Con dating apps th

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    Raven Leilani s novel is one of the most satisfying debuts I ve read in recent years Prose so exquisite I wanted to drink in each sentence, a NYC job market and that feels both comically exaggerated yet painfully, almost cruelly real, and characters who are allowed to be flawed and mean and angry and vulnerable LUSTER is phenomenal.

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    Reading Luster is a spiraling dance with no deviation from the feverish pace Raven Leilani sets This book wraps you up in a hundred silvery ribbons of quick language and then flings you outward, holding you by one hand as you recover from the dizziness just long enough to swing back in This book will make you gluttonous for from a hilarious and unforgiving new writer.

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    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway.I did not finish it It was too raunchy for my tastes I read the first 2 chapters, then the last chapter to see if I wanted to know what happened in between I did not want to know.

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    Wow Wow wow wow wow Wow If I could give this book a 6 I would I wish I were a better book reviewer so that I could do this book justice, but I ll just do my best, I guess Where to begin I think there are maybe two things that make this book so distinctive 1 This writer can seriously turn a phrase I don t normally read with a highlighter, but I WENT TO THE STORE AND BOUGHT ONE so that I could highl

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    LUSTER, Raven Leilani, could be compared to a modern black female Catcher in the Rye novel Here a young artist falls for the older man who has a open marriage The main character, Edie, then ends up spending time at her lovers home between, him, his wife, and their young adopted black daughter.

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    Luster centers on Edie, a young black woman working in New York publishing just barely making rent each month, who finds herself navigating a suburban white couple s open marriage This is a novel filled with unexpected turns at breakneck speeds, which seamlessly examines the plight of millennials living under capitalism along with the complications of intimacy and race, all while finding the humor and profoun

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