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Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family The Heartrending Story Of A Midcentury American Family With Twelve Children, Six Of Them Diagnosed With Schizophrenia, That Became Science S Great Hope In The Quest To Understand The Disease.Don And Mimi Galvin Seemed To Be Living The American Dream After World War II, Don S Work With The Air Force Brought Them To Colorado, Where Their Twelve Children Perfectly Spanned The Baby Boom The Oldest Born In 1945, The Youngest In 1965 In Those Years, There Was An Established Script For A Family Like The Galvins Aspiration, Hard Work, Upward Mobility, Domestic Harmony And They Worked Hard To Play Their Parts But Behind The Scenes Was A Different Story Psychological Breakdown, Sudden Shocking Violence, Hidden Abuse By The Mid 1970s, Six Of The Ten Galvin Boys, One After Another, Were Diagnosed As Schizophrenic How Could All This Happen To One Family What Took Place Inside The House On Hidden Valley Road Was So Extraordinary That The Galvins Became One Of The First Families To Be Studied By The National Institute Of Mental Health Their Story Offers A Shadow History Of The Science Of Schizophrenia, From The Era Of Institutionalization, Lobotomy, And The Schizophrenogenic Mother To The Search For Genetic Markers For The Disease, Always Amid Profound Disagreements About The Nature Of The Illness Itself And Unbeknownst To The Galvins, Samples Of Their DNA Informed Decades Of Genetic Research That Continues Today, Offering Paths To Treatment, Prediction, And Even Eradication Of The Disease For Future Generations With Clarity And Compassion, Bestselling And Award Winning Author Robert Kolker Uncovers One Family S Unforgettable Legacy Of Suffering, Love, And Hope.

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    The odds of reading two books at the same time, where both families have twelve children, has to be high That, though is there only commanality I ve never read anything like this, it was both hard to read because if subject matter and well done Mimi and Don Kohler wanted the American dream, a large family, happy marriage, happy life After WWII, Done work with the Air Force brou

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    Meet the Galvin familyTHIS IS A MIND BLOWING STORY FASCINATING UNBELIEVABLE RIVETING INFORMATIVE HEARTBREAKING This is one of those non fiction books that often reads like fiction It s incredibly intimate.in details, descriptions, character development, storytelling, and facts It just seems so inconceivable that this much mental illness could hit one nuclear family By the end of thi

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    This is a harrowing and intricate nonfiction account of an all American family of twelve ten boys and two girls born between 1945 and 1965 I can t begin to imagine having a family of this size much less cope with the onset and aftermath of six of the boys schizophrenia There is abuse among family members as well as what is now considered to be abusive treatment of the afflicted The Galvi

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    See my full review over on booktube

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    Before my review, I just want to say this book left a lump in my throat, it was an emotional journey I felt it in my gut and wish I could reach out and support every single one of the Galvin children, parents too.via my blog Mary s mother is well practiced at laughing off moments like these, behaving as if nothing is strange To do anything else would be the same as admitting that she lacks any rea

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    5 Stars

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    Happy anniversary, Doubleday This is my thirtieth review for you Big thanks go to Net Galley and Doubleday for the review copy I wanted to read Kolker s book because so little is written about schizophrenia for the general readership My best friend s older brother was schizophrenic, and sometimes she would phone me crying and whispering from the floor of her bedroom closet The bro let s call him Marco was a

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    3.5 stars Fascinating, readable, and depressing as hell Unfortunately this fell a little short for me in a few ways.At first, the hook of this book is enough to draw your attention Just one family, with twelve children, where half of them have diagnoses of schizophrenia When you hear it, it s is such a strange and unusual thing that you do not see it as real experiences Kolker s main goal here is to change that,

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    An intense and extraordinary account of a large damaged family that intertwines with relevant scientific information regarding schizophrenia I would never have believed there could be so much illness and dysfunction in one family I was so angry with the parents, Don and Mimi Galvin Their behaviors and lack of parental supervision were selfish and would have snowballing and heartbreaking consequences, failing every on

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    I mainly wanted to read this book because my mom was bipolar She was diagnosed when I was 14 and she was 40 This book is about a family with several siblings who were diagnosed as schizophrenic All the members of the family 14 in all if you include the parents either had or have serious mental issues or grew up surrounded by people who did And the one positive thing is that the family became involved in a few different re

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