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Mrs. Everything In This Instant New York Times Bestseller And Multigenerational Narrative That S Nothing Short Of Brilliant People , Two Sisters Lives From The S To The Present Are Explored As They Struggle To Find Their Places And Be True To Themselves In A Rapidly Evolving World From New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Weiner Jo And Bethie Kaufman Were Born Into A World Full Of Promise Growing Up In S Detroit, They Live In A Perfect Dick And Jane House, Where Their Roles In The Family Are Clearly Defined Jo Is The Tomboy, The Bookish Rebel With A Passion To Make The World Fair Bethie Is The Pretty, Feminine Good Girl, A Would Be Star Who Enjoys The Power Her Beauty Confers And Dreams Of A Traditional Life But The Truth Ends Up Looking Different From What The Girls Imagined Jo And Bethie Survive Traumas And Tragedies As Their Lives Unfold Against The Background Of Free Love And Vietnam, Woodstock And Women S Lib, Bethie Becomes An Adventure Loving Wild Child Who Dives Headlong Into The Counterculture And Is Up For Anything Except Settling Down Meanwhile, Jo Becomes A Proper Young Mother In Connecticut, A Witness To The Changing World Instead Of A Participant Neither Woman Inhabits The World She Dreams Of, Nor Has A Life That Feels Authentic Or Brings Her Joy Is It Too Late For The Women To Finally Stake A Claim On Happily Ever After In Her Most Sprawling And Intensely Personal Novel To Date Entertainment Weekly , Jennifer Weiner Tells A Simply Unputdownable Good Housekeeping Story Of Two Sisters Who, With Their Different Dreams And Different Paths, Offer Answers To The Question How Should A Woman Be In The World

About the Author: Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of seventeen books, including Good in Bed, In Her Shoes, and, most recently, Mrs Everything. Her new novel, Big Summer, is out now A graduate of Princeton University and contributor to the New York Times Opinion section, she lives with her family in Philadelphia Visit her online at

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    Maybe I am different Being different isn t the worst thingMs Everything is just that she s everything and every woman She s the collective voice of you, me, our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, neighbors and ac

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    Please, God, or whoever s up there, please just give me enough time to make it right For me, this was a 3 star read with a 5 star message, so I went with a 4 star rating It s the type of book that you want to say so much about

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    She wondered whether they would ever not try to have it all and do it all and do all of it flawlessly Would the day ever come when simply doing your best would be enough Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, caretaker, ca

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    3.5 rounded up 4 in the name of bellybuttons, sack dresses, obladi oblada life goes bra la la how the life goes on stars I m going back and forth between 3 and 4 so much time, normally I m not defined as decisive person but at leas

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    The Beach boys, the Beatles, Bob Dylan.The Baby Boomers and Bell Bottoms..We journey through the 50s and 60s right up to 2016 with sisters night day opposites Jo and Bethie Kaufman Sexual inappropriateness family molestation, sexual

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    Read for BN Book Club so no rating

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    5 stars and a high five to quite possibly the most memorable book I ve read this year Jennifer Weiner I ve been reading her books for close to twenty years I first read Little Earthquakes, but it was In Her Shoes that I fell for most and

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    Addendum 6 26 2020 This book ended up as my 1 read of 2019.All the feelings, all the stars Ms Jennifer Weiner, I have emerged from under a rock and now know you are a superb writer I have been meaning to read a Jennifer Weiner book for yea

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    Josette Jo and Elisabeth Bethie Kaufman were sisters who came of age in 1950s Detroit Jo is a tomboy,comfortable in old clothes and running around playing sports, while young Bethie was content with being the pretty, talented one, the center

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    4.25 Stars Mrs Everything by Jennifer Weiner speaks to the masses In this day and age, it is both timely and full of heart It s a story about connections Women who are mothers, sisters, wives, lovers, friends, supporters, heroes and oh so much

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