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The Twelve Caesars As private secretary to the Emperor Hadrian, Suetonius gained access to the imperial archives and used them along with eye witness accounts to produce one of the most colorful biographical works in history The Twelve Caesars chronicles the public careers and private lives of the men who wielded absolute power over Rome, from the foundation of the empire under Julius Caesar and Augustus, to the decline into depravity and civil war under Nero, and the recovery that came with his successors A masterpiece of anecdote, wry observation and detailed physical description, The Twelve Caesars presents us with a gallery of vividly drawn and all too human individualsRobert Graves s celebrated translation, sensitively revised by Michael Grant, captures all the wit and immediacy of Suetonius original

About the Author: Suetonius

Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, commonly known as Suetonius ca 69 75 after 130 , was a Roman historian belonging to the equestrian order in the early Imperial era His most important surviving work is a set of biographies of twelve successive Roman rulers, from Julius Caesar until Domitian, entitled De Vita Caesarum Other works by Suetonius concern the daily life of Rome, politics, oratory, and the lives of famous writers, including poets, historians, and grammarians A few of these books have partially survived, but many are entirely lost.

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    This Roman bedtime reading gives the reader a mixed experience The length of the lives is uneven the first three lives in the Robert Graves he d go on to recycle much of the material here into his novels I Claudius and Claudius the God translation alone make up half the book, the division of each life into public civil and military exploits , and private parts adventures in bedroom and dining room works against presenting

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    This Penguin Classic of The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius is the perfect place to start for anybody interested in ancient Greco Roman history and culture Not only is this a most engaging translation by Robert Graves, author of I Claudius, but there is a short Forward by classics scholar, Michael Grant Additionally, there are ten maps of the city of Rome and the Roman Empire along with a glossary of key terms From my own experience,

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    No words Each and every member of that family and ahherm non family who acquired that infamous title ceasar is such a massive wrecking case of extreams that I can t even begin to fathom that these men are real Let alone contemplate what citizens must of thought of them in their day Really If Suetonius is to be belived how many of these men would in our day be catergorized as legally insane I literally about fell out of my chair this weeke

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    Suetonius 70 140 AD was a biographer, librarian and high official under Trajanus and head of the royal archives under Hadrian This biography of the twelve emperors is thought to have been published around 121 AD The lives of the emperors of the Caesarian Claudian lineage, thus up to and including Nero, are extensively discussed, while there are only concise biographies of the emperors following Nero It is thought that this was due to the fact tha

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    It is a great overview of Rome s emperors from the Julians to the Flavians The mixture of historical biography and, what must have been, a political gossip tatler Suetonius was a senator during the reign of Hadrian 2 Caesars after Domitian , so the futher back, the less direct knowledge Suetonius had which given his style of writing could be both good and bad Still, despite some reservations about Suetonius style and accuracy, it is hard to underestimate

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    Stranger than any fictionthe chapter on Caligula is truly disturbing.

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    Reading this book makes me kind of thankful that the sociopaths who we choose to govern us are relatively harmless men with only strange dreams of imperialism and desires for fame, riches, and adulation Sure we have a Vice President who shot a friend in the face and who brazenly admits to authorizing acts that make him a war criminal, and yes there are Greek bastards who have made a living off of sanctioning genocide for their own twisted ends, and this is just naming t

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    This is in my Top 10 books I love it so much, i think i have read it 3 times no joke I took this book with me on my travels in Rome and I bored Matt with my constant readings whilst we were visiting all of the historic sites I have a huge facination with Roman History, so I do appreciate that most people will find this utterly boring, but i love it, love it, love it, love it.

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    This is a book I have wanted to read for many years Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    This was a fascinating book Translated by Graves, who wroteI, Claudius, it is, in many ways, a shorter version of those books Although, Claudius does not come out of this history nearly as well as he does from Graves novels You may never have seen Monty Python s The Piranha Brothers, if not you should really try looking it up on youtube If only because I m quite certain that Nero is Doug Piranha in a toga.There were bits of this where I laughed outright and other bits where I ve laughed a This

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