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The Wars of the Roses Lancaster and York For much of the fifteenth century, these two families were locked in battle for control of the English throne Kings were murdered and deposed Armies marched on London Old noble names were ruined while rising dynasties seized power and lands The war between the royal houses of Lancaster and York, the most complex in English history, profoundly altered the course of the monarchy Alison Weir, one of the foremost authorities on British history, brings brilliantly to life both the war itself and the larger tha life figures who fought it on the great stage of England The Wars of the Roses is history at its very best swift and compelling, rich in character, pageantry, and drama, and vivid in its re creation of an astonishing period of historyLook for special features insideJoin the Circle for author chats andRandomHouseReadersCircle

About the Author: Alison Weir

Librarian Note There isthan one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Alison Weir is a British writer of history books for the general public, mostly in the form of biographies about British kings and queens, and of historical fiction Before becoming an author, Weir worked as a teacher of children with special needs She received her formal training in history at teacher training college She currently lives in Surrey, England, with her two children.

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    All right First of all, no amount of quick re telling can ever do actual history any justice, but suffice to say, The War of the Roses was a ROYAL MESS.Literally You can trace its roots back to Richard II when Henry IV deposed him, setting up the later battles between York and Lancaster, but this is somewhat disingenuous People loved Hal, later to b

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    This story begins in 1400 with the murder of one king, and ends in 1471 with the murder of another One murder could be said to have been a direct result of the other The story of what happened between 1400 and 1471, which is the story told in this book, answers the question how Having now finished the book, I can provide the condensed version of the answe

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    NO RATING DNFThis book covers only the first part of the Wars of the Roses all of which lasted from 1455 to 1487 This book covers only the wars between the Lancasters and the Yorks 1455 1471 The second part of the Wars of the Roses 1483 1487 , the fight between the Yorks and the Tudors is presented in the author s book The Princes in the Tower.After four hours

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    What a mess Seriously I know quite a lot about history and about armed struggles but the tug of war presented here is staggering I must admit to never really having been interested except for a few cornerstones in this period or English aristocracy but since the Tudor dynasty was quite entertaining, I thought I should know about this too thanks, St Mary s.So what was

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    If I was given the choice of writing a novel on a certain historic event, you can bet the event at the bottom of my list would be The War of the Roses I don t think I could deal with such a convoluted, tangled story, with an ungodly amount of characters to keep track ofit would likely drive me mad But, thankfully Alison Weir was of a different mindset and took the monster

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    Very detailed giving background to the origins of the conflict that have become known as wars of the roses andrecently cousins wars going back to Edward III and his five sons and what they and their descendants meant to the succession Of course Edward III s grandson son by his firstborn inherited the throne but when he was deposed by Henry IV Henry Bolingbroke this changed every

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    Very nicely written overview of the Wars of the Roses It s not for beginners to English history I was reasonably familiar with all the players and still had trouble keeping track of everyone There are lots of Richards, Edwards and Henrys, and multiple people are referred to as York or Somerset as titles pass between generations The genealogical charts are not as helpful as they should

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    The Wars of the Roses is the second book by Alison Weir I ve read, and it definitely tells me there s no need to stop here The writing is good, and gives a great overview of what is a legendarily confusing period of English history This actually a successor prequel book to her early book, The Princes in the Tower, which is about the final act of the Wars of the Roses the contest between Ric

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    There are three main problems for any historian trying to tell the story of the Wars of the Roses Firstly, where to start in the complex set of social and political circumstances that led to the conflict Secondly, how to separate the web of myths, half truths and legends from the historical facts and thirdly there are the significantly differing historical accounts to be reconciled Alison Weir ha

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    You cannot deny that Weir puts forth a great deal of effort in fully researching the history of and behind the Wars of the Roses I enjoyed this because not only does she present the facts as they are, she goes back an additional 100 years to give the full background on where the conflict exactly startedwith the sons of Edward the III and the weak reign of Richard the II You can look at several instance

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