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Perelandra (Space Trilogy, #2) The Second Novel In Lewis S Science Fiction Trilogy Tells Of Dr Ransom S Voyage To The Planet Of Perelandra Venus Dr Ransom Is Sent By The Elida To Perelandra Venus To Battle Against Evil Incarnate And Preserve A Second Eden From The Evil Forces Present In The Possessed Body Of His Enemy, Weston Through These Works, Lewis Explores Issues Of Good And Evil, And His Remarkable And Vividly Imaginative Descriptions Of Other Worlds Cements His Place As A First Class Author Of Science Fiction Adventure.

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    James, does the name Perelandra mean anything to you Yes, I believe so Poetic name for the planet Venus Inhabited by two analogues of Adam and Eve, living in a state of prelapsarian bliss All sounds rather pleasant Very good, James However, we ve

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    Great Also read in January of 1990 And also read in April of 2009 Also read in January of 1985 Also read in July of 1980 Listened to it again on audio in 2015.

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    5.0 stars I thought this was an AMAZING book After liking Out of the Silent Planet, this novel blew me away The theme of the book is a re telling of the Fall of Adam and Eve using Venus called Perelandra as the setting You can tell that C S Lewis was really feeling t

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    C.S Lewis, I m disappointed in you And that s the first time that has happened I don t share your religion, but it s never kept me from enjoying one of your books before I have been in love with the Narnia books since first I read them I enjoyed the first book in this series I

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    It is difficult to write a review about Perelandra There is so much that could be said that it is hard to know where to begin Its story is so rich, the imagery so beautiful, the underlying themes so profound and complex, its theology so full that no summary can do it justice I would rat

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    Perelandra is the second of C.S Lewis s space trilogy In that universe, it is the name of the planet Venus a beautiful sinless planet with life at its dawn Perelandra is a passionate and fierce ocean world with awesome storms, golden sunlight, millions of floating islands, and critters to inhabit

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    My favorite of the trilogy Excellent.The Space Trilogy by C.S Lewis is a classic early science fiction read while at the same time being athan excellent allegorical story of Christian faith I d say that if you aren t a Christian that won t keep you from enjoying the books The allegory aside you will still

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    2.5 Stars So here s a fun fact C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien were the best of friends Lewis even dedicated The Screwtape Letters to Tolkein Lewis wrote this series because of a contest him and Tolkien had, in which one of them agreed to write a trilogy about Space Travel, while the other would write a trilogy about T

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    Originally posted at FanLit.Perelandra is the second volume of C.S Lewis s SPACE TRILOGY and I liked it even better than Out of the Silent Planet, its predecessor Cambridge professor Dr Elwin Ransom is back on Earth and has told his friend Lewis about the adventures he had on the planet Mars and the supernatural beings he met

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