The bloomsbury cookbook : recipes for life, love and art :

The bloomsbury cookbook : recipes for life, love and art : Edition en anglais Unlike any other cookbook this year, this is a meticulous and lavishly illustrated account of the food of the Bloomsbury set The Sunday TimesWorks well in both kitchen and armchair Luxuriously produced, it is packed with entertaining stories of Bloomsbury eccentricities, and illustrations remind you of the considerable talents of Grant and Vanessa Bell I d sooner have this ancient haul from WC than any glossy new tome from a TV cook The GuardianA compendium full of recipes, food related paintings and biographical anecdotes casts the Bloomsberries in a new light and brings them to life BBCWoolf it down Elle DecorationA delicious glimpse of the gastronomy of the Bloomsbury Group a treasure trove of lunches, dinners, celebratory feasts, descriptions of gastronomic treats, and umpteen recipes The IndependentExceptionally beautiful, filled with paintings and drawings by the Bloomsbury Group themselves This is the most endearing and enjoyable book yet about the Bloomsbury Group Country LifeAn enticing blend of cultural and gastronomic history Times Literary SupplementDelicious the literary equivalent of a fantasy dinner party with the writers, poets, painters and philosophers who comprised the Bloomsbury set offers a completely fresh insight into their characters and appetites both gastronomic and otherwise TwinFactoryCasts a fascinating new light on Bloomsbury this book will enable you to create some simply splendid meals, which will encourage conversation today, just as they did when poets, philosophers and writers of yesteryear sat together to talk of cabbages and kings and put the world to rights Oxford TimesCivilization as they knew it seemed to be coming to an end and with it, all the elegant meals, conversational dinners and epoch making risottos that had fueled their discourse since the turn of the century, and which this richly entertaining book movingly chronicles The IndependentMy find of the year so far is The Bloomsbury Cookbook I had not thought there was anythingto be said on the subject of the Bloomsburys and their habits But Jans Ondaatje Rolls illuminates corners others have not thought to visit the dark shelves of the pantry, the final blurry moments of a dinner party, the tray brought quietly to an invalid and as a result, they start to seem vastlylikeable Observer Food Monthly, Rachel CookeHer s is a sprightly approach a social history, witty and erudite The Bloomsbury Cookbook is lavishly illustrated with works by the Bloomsberries themselves The Spectator, Henrietta GarnettLuxuriously produced, it is packed with entertaining stories of Bloomsbury eccentricities The IndependentGlorious a feast of eccentric detail The New StatesmanA gorgeous illustrated cookbook which certainly deserves a place in any hall of fame where gastronomes worship if you enjoy comedy in the kitchen, this is the book for you Western Mail and The Birmingham PostA witty and erudite social history which will appeal to lovers of food and literature alike exquisitely produced Sussex LifeGoes where no biography has gone before into the kitchen Jans Ondaatje Rolls gets to the heart of the group by looking at what they put in their stomachs, and the result is a smorgasbord ofrecipes, scores of beautifully reproduced pictures, and zillions of extracts from their letters, diaries, and various books which describe tastes, ingredients and the joy of a good feed In page after delicious page,years of soup, salmon and friendship unfurl The Daily TelegraphNeed this book Nigella Lawson, TwitterNeed this book Nigella Lawson, TwitterHere the Bloomsbury story is told in seven broadly chronological chapters, beginning in the s and finishing in the very recent past The Bloomsbury Group fostered a fresh, creative and vital way of living that encouraged debate and communication only connect , as often as not across the dining table Gathered at these tables were many of the great figures in art, literature and economics in the early twentieth century E M Forster, Roger Fry, J M Keynes, Lytton Strachey and Virginia Woolf, among many others Each chapter comprises a series of narratives, many of which are enhanced with an appropriate recipe, along with sketches, paintings, photographs, letters and handwritten notes, and featuring original quotations throughout Part cookbook, part social and cultural history, this book will appeal to lovers of food and lovers of literature alike

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